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IWS Presents The Tasting and Presentation of the Year
Stockholm Monday 6th May 2002

OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE REVISED KILCHOMAN (ISLAY) DISTILLERY PRIVATE SHAREHOLDER PLAN - This has been adapted to offer serious whisky enthusiasts (who are IWS Members) a wide range of benefits by becoming founding shareholders in this new Islay 'Traditional Farm' Distillery.

The event will be presented by IWS Founder James Thomson and Distillery Production Expert John McDougall

The IWS has become very involved in adapting the original Kilchoman Distillery project to allow our members to collectively take a very significant shareholding and benefit from a number of 'shareholder rights' that are suited to Islay malt whisky enthusiasts. We feel this is a very exciting development for the whisky consumer and an opportunity for a distillery to truly embrace consumer wishes.

The launch of the Shareholder Plan will be celebrated with a range of historic and very old Islay Whiskies from the IWS Tasting Stock.

Tasting Event price of £47.50 (695 SEK) will include

(i) Lagavulin's original 12 Year Old versus the current well known 16 Year Old. The 12 Year was replaced with the launch of the Classic Malts range and is now a collectors item.

(ii) Historic Bowmore 7 Year Old - see picture below - is put head to head with the current youngest Bowmore.

(iii) The Bruichladdich 'commemerative distillery reopening' 30 YO Valinch bottling (again now a serious collectors item) versus Independant bottler's Adelphi Bruichladdich 30 YO - 2 great Bruichladdich's go head to head in a blind tasting.

Photos courtesy of Björn Nordström

(iv) No 'once in a lifetime' Islay tasting would be the same without re-introducing our 1970's bottling of Laphroaig 10 YO with the current Laphroaig product. The difference is hard to put into words!

(v) A short report from the first three ground breaking Whisky School (a sister project of the IWS) events held at Bladnoch Distillery which attracted a truly international line up of people from all corners of the world.

(vi) The Kilchoman Distillery Project : With almost 400 people already enquiring about taking shares in this new project, we are delighted to release the final, and now much adapted (in consulation with the IWS) business plan of this new distillery. Kilchoman is to be based in traditional farm buildings, using the local farmers barley (the only Islay distillery to use local barley), and will have and use only its own traditional floor maltings - a facility that currently only the fabled Springbank Distillery still retains for all its production. We are delighted for the first release of the new plans to take place in Stockholm due to the enthusiasm of our Swedish members in IWS activity. See the building plans at

Tastings will be in a city centre location. Dinner (at extra cost) after the tasting for those interested in discussing the Kilchoman Distillery Project.  

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May 2002
Monday May 6th at 6.30pm Stockholm, Sweden
Royal Treasury Museum
(opposite the royal castle in stockholm)


John McDougall
1970 - 1974 : Manager at Laphroaig Distillery - the capacity of the distillery was increased at this time with the introduction of a larger still by owners Long John International
1979 - 1981 :  General Manager of Malt Distilleries (Laphroaig, Tormore, Ben Nevis, Glenugie & Kinclaith).
1981 to 1985 :  General Manager for blending, bottling, and distribution of Long John, Black Bottle, Laphroaig & Tormore.

On the right Bowmore 7 YO =>


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