Society Tastings in Scandinavia - November 2000
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Thursday 16th November 2000 Oslo, Norway - FULL
Friday 17th November 2000 Göteborg, Sweden - FULL
Saturday 18th November 2000 Stockholm I, Sweden - FULL
Thursday 23rd November 2000 Stockholm II, Sweden - FULL
Friday 24th November 2000 København, Denmark - FULL
Saturday 25th November 2000 Malmö, Sweden - FULL

Tastings will start at 6.30pm in a city centre location
After the tasting dinner (at extra cost) can be booked with the experts

Right - John McDougal
Below - Henrik Aflodal
Tastings will be limited to 35 participants

Included in the Tasting Event price of £ 40.00 will be

  • Tasting event led by two experienced and well qualified independent experts -  John McDougal & Henrik Aflodal - bringing John's 30 years of malt whisky production expertise and Henrik's 10 years of whisky tasting & evaluation
  • Two no-longer available Historic Bottlings from Islay - The 1978 distillery bottling of 10 Year Old Laphroaig (distilled around 1968) and the 1975 bottling of the 8 year-old blend Islay Mist (whiskies from 1967 from Laphroaig, Glen Grant & Glenlivet created for Islay's laird Lord Margadale)
  • 3 specially selected Islay Single Malts
  • Patron status of The Islay Whisky Society
    After the tasting your hosts two publications will be available, personally signed for you, at the special total price of £10 (instead of the usual selling price of £27.99 - £20 for Henrik's CD-Rom and £7.99 for John's biography of his time as a distillery manager)
  • Signed copy of Scotch Whisky distillery manager John McDougal's biography 'Worts, Worms & Washbacks' - Splendid tales from the stillhouse from 1963 until 1995 as manager of The Balvenie, Laphroaig, and Springbank distilleries amongst others.
  • Signed copy of Henrik Aflodals Interactive CD-Rom Whisky Book 'The Whisky World' - This 33 year old Swede has survived 10 years of painstaking research looking at all the whisky regions of the world - over 1500 colour illustrations and 500,000 words.
The Islay Whisky Society is a community of people who have discovered the special whiskies of Islay. 

Membership is available to those who sign-up online while Patron status is awarded to all members who attend local tastings (starting with Scandinavia this winter) or our Islay-based tastings and tours.

Unique to IWS tastings - and starting at our tasting series in Scandinavia - will be the opportunity to try early distillery bottlings from distilleries such as Laphroaig, Bowmore and Ardbeg. These are whiskies from a different era which can no longer be found - relegated usually to collectors and auction rooms. The Islay Whisky Society has secured stock of these historic bottlings to share with our members and to make our tastings a true education about the history of distilling on Islay.

Original Ardbeg of 1978

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