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The Islay Whisky Tour - Day 2



"We visited The Bowmore Distillery on Saturday morning and were given an excellent tour around the complex by Christine Logan, followed by a vertical tasting of Bowmore 17 Year Old, Bowmore Darkest and Bowmore Cask Strength." John McDougal, Expert Guide

Peat Cutting : "Norman Campbell's peat cutting demonstration was very informative for those of the party who attended. They each had a shot at it and are now able to cut peat!" John McDougal, Expert Guide 

Evening Tasting : Some of the Whiskies tasted at the formal tasting at the Bridgend Hotel were as follows:

Vatted Inverarity Islay Malt For a vatting this was full, well rounded, certainly Islay, and I liked it very much.

Bruichladdich 15 Year Old Good all rounder, typical Bruichladdich, and for any time of day.

Bowmore Darkest (Sherried) Good, but too much overkill. Not a patch on their 17 Y/O, interesting nevertheless.

Lagavulin Distillers Edition (Sherried) Remarks could almost be identical in essence to those regarding Bowmore Darkest. In my opinion not as well finished as the Bowmore Darkest, and certainly no match for the Lagavulin 16 Y/O

Rare 24 Y/O Ardbeg 50% abv Without any doubt the show stopper. Brilliant full aroma, smoky, peaty, hints of the sea breaking over the shore warehouses. This whisky had everything Islay rolled into one bottle. If any one remark described this dram it was from Bernt when after a long time pondering, he proclaimed 'this is a fluid/liquid post card' This whisky was truly huge brilliant and simply magnificent."

The occasion was marked by Iain and me wearing our Kilts. He in his younger man 'Braveheart' outfit and me in my more traditional outfit of Highland Evening dress. The dinner produced by Joan Mottram and her staff from The Bridgend Hotel was of a very high standard." John McDougal, Expert Guide.

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The master storyteller at Bowmore

The art of cooperage being discussed

Practising the art of peat cutting

All set for a formal dress tasting

John on the fine arts of distillery industry politics

A chance meeting, leading to a Lagavulin 16 y.o.

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